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Hurricane Wrestling History


Peter Cicchine of Bethlehem High School wins State Championship at Penn State, in 1940. He defeated Leonard Guslesky, of  Mt. Carmel in overtime, pinning him with a bar and chancery to take the 135 lb. Championship. Peter's record was 24-2 for the 3 years he wrestled under Coach: W.G. Stark. He was Undefeated his senior Year. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Cicchine, 908 Elm Street, Bethlehem. After High School he attended Franklin Marshall University where he lettered in Football, Baseball, Soccer and Captained the Wrestling Team. In 1941 he won the Lehigh Prep Championship at Taylor gym (despite having broken ribs) , beating Wyoming Seminary wrestler James Menapace 5-3. After college he went into the Navy and became a Pilot, while going through flight school in Pensacola, he met his wife and settled there having 2 sons and a daughter. He was loved by all and there are now three more Peter J. Cicchine's bearing his name.

Bill Unangst won  the State Title also at 155 lb. and Bob Morgan at 185 lb. took second to lead 

Bethlehem to claim the Unofficial Team Championship in 1940. Canonsburg took Second.

Bill Unangst (considered one of the "Best Wrestlers" ever at Bethlehem) was undefeated this year and had a career record of 32-2. He was runner-up 2 years ago and beat the man in the finals who eliminated him last year, Thomas Seraflin of Traford on a referee's decision. He edged out Peter Cicchine to get his name on the Sheridan Cup. He later wrestled at Blair. He was the son of  Mr. and Mrs. warren Unangst of 1131 New St., Bethlehm.

Bob Morgan was the runner-up in the 185 lb. weight class in 1940. He only wrestled 2 years and had a career record of 6-7, going 5-1 his Senior year. He stepped it up when it mattered most and took the runner-up spot.

William G. Stark was the pioneer wrestling coach in the State. He had coached 18 years going into the 1940 Season and had 5 undefeated Teams.  Mr. Stark was a two time wrestling Champion in 

Scotland at the 140 lb. weight class. He also was a talented gymnast and Boxer.